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testiquote Dear Kanchan Ma'am We are lucky to get teacher like you for my daughter Archisha Khare class 1D. Your enormous efforts can be seen, your co-operation with kids are phenomenal during this pandemic time where classroom have turned out to be virtual. You are a wonderful teacher and deserve lots of appreciation to carry out work flawlessly for the kids.
Neha Saxena | Mother of Archisha Khare I-D   Posted on 02-May-2020
testiquote Dear Ma'am Extremely proud happy parent of my two young enthusiast Xaverians-Master Yuvaan Rao-Grade 6 B and Miss Friashka Rao-Grade 1-D At the outset, would like to thank the entire management staff teachers and each person who is involved in the show must go on Kudos for managing the online sessions so beautifully While our hearts reach out to everyone who have been affected in this pandemic, we collectively prey and hope that we are able to overcome the challenges that we are facing Hope that slowly and steadily, we shall put ourselves together and stand up real strong. Thanks once again or maintaining the continuity and we extend all our support as parents to the wonderful work you as a Team,have bestowed upon us
Deepa Rao | Mother of Yuvaan Rao 6-B   Posted on 02-May-2020
testiquote Dear Arava Bangali mam ( class teacher of 1F) Thank you so much ma`am for taking online classes. At least kids r learning something. Otherwise they were wasting their time. And I know it`s very difficult job to manage kids from home And manage time with house hold works for you. Thank you so much for managing the class in a very cool ways. ????
Dr. Sweety Bansal | Mother of Bhanvi Bansal 1-F   Posted on 02-May-2020
testiquote Dear School Administration and Head Mistress Ma’am My daughter Aarohi Sinha is studying in Arava Ma’am Class i.e. 1F. I wish to pay my thanks to Ma’am for brilliantly managing her class and take care of each students, it’s a crisis situation and I am also working from home and now can realise and feel blessed to see my child in such a good hand. Arava Ma’am has splendid quality of keeping each of the students engaged in the activity. Immense gratitude and we are looking forward to see her in person to Say Thank You. Best Regards
Vinit Sinha & Ishwar Jyoti | Guardian of Aarohi Sinha 1-F   Posted on 02-May-2020
testiquote I am highly Thankful to St. Xaviers High School for adopting the same remarkably. Especially want to thank Mansimran Ma’am (Class Teacher of Grade 1G) for her extreme patience and commitment to teach our children. At the start we had questions/doubts on success of virtual classes (since it’s new to our Child and looking at the age group), but after seeing Ma’am conducting the classes beautifully doesn’t leave a doubt in our mind that this is going to be an another success story. These sessions will surely enhance our child’s skills and grasping abilities. The sessions conducted by Ma’am are very interactive wherein children feel connected and motivated to complete the tasks. Her expertise in teaching has put our minds at ease. We are so thankful to have her as Class Teacher of 1 G. Thank you Sheba Ma’am &Mansimran Ma’am for going above and beyond and being such caring and patient with these little ones.
Sabarnya Chatterjee | Father of Rishaan Chatterjee I-G   Posted on 02-May-2020
testiquote Dear Ma'am, I would like to appreciate the efforts of all the teachers , school management and specially Karishma Taneja Ma'am in imparting education to our kids in this difficult times.. Karishma Ma'am's efforts have been so visible and my son loves to be in her class.Ma'am has been trying everything so perfectly through virtual medium to be in touch and let parents know what is happening.Mails,whatsapp and various meeting mediums have been used by ma'am in the most fantastic way.
Kirti Gupta | Mother of Vivaan Gupta I-C   Posted on 02-May-2020
testiquote Dear Ma'am, Karishma Ma'am's efforts have been so visible and my daughter loves to be in her class.Ma'am has been trying everything through virtual medium to be in touch and let parents know what is happening.Mails,whatsapp and various meeting mediums have been used by ma'am in the most fantastic way. We are thankful to you all for keeping our kids busy and engaged in these difficult times and reaching out to us.
Mishi Saini | Mother of Aarna Saini I-C   Posted on 02-May-2020
testiquote Hi Ma'am! Feedback -from Shivom Anand's parents So far happy with the way school management has organised the online classes.Seems kids are enjoying the classes and also becoming tech savvy. We are getting ample time with kids to understand their area of concerns and involvement .Also want to request if kids can get sometime to address their issues to the respective subject teachers .may be twice or thrice in a week or during the weekends.That will be really great. We would like wish everyone a happy and safe stay at home Regards
Vishal Anand & Neha Anand | Guardian of Shivom Anand Grade 7-C   Posted on 29-Apr-2020
testiquote My son Aarya Ranveer is in Grade-6E. As a parent my overall experience is good with school. We got the admission done during lockdown, neither we have met anyone from school in person nor seen the school. But still it feels that my child is in safe hands and will nurture here. With regards to virtual classes, my son is thoroughly enjoying it. He looks forward each day to learn something new. Digital teaching is not only helping my child learn but also channelizing his energy in right direction. A big thanks to the school mgmt and the teachers to come together to make this happen. I would like to mention Special thanks to the class teacher for being prompt and responsive.
Anju Kumar | Father of Aarya Ranveer Grade VI-E   Posted on 29-Apr-2020
testiquote We would like to thank each & every staff of our school who r grooming my child in every possible way... Teacher's are doing R & D's & then implementing (with limited resources available at home) ..We can understand it's not easy at all....The whole world is applauding for Doc, Police, nurses. We are applauding ??????for the entire team of St. Xavier's High school Gurugram sect 49. Thanks.
Manish Puri | Father of Mysha Puri I-D   Posted on 28-Apr-2020
testiquote Dear Sakshi Ma'am, We take this opportunity to personally thank you for all your efforts in enabling a pleasant, enriching and fun filled online learning environment. It has been a new experience for all of us and we must say that you have guided the children well. We are happy that Joash is very fond of you and respects you a lot. Thank You once again. - Proud Parents of Joash Raj (Manisha & Abel)
Manisha & Abel | Guardian of Joash Raj II-H   Posted on 28-Apr-2020
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