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testiquote Respected Geeta Maam, Firstly, congratulations to you and the entire staff for convening the virtual classes successfully for the second consecutive year. The academics have continued without missing a heartbeat and it is due to the sheer hard work and the dedication of all of you! Wanted to take a moment to recognize the efforts put in towards a feedback I had shared. In the beginning of the session, I had conveyed to you an area of concern related to the `Writing Skills` of the students - that they need more clarity, better structuring and practice. I must say that the concern stated above is NO LONGER A CONCERN NOW. And for this, I want to thank Deepa ma’am – Class Teacher of Grade 5A. She made presentations explaining the points and the flow to be considered while writing, be it, a diary entry, message writing, story composition or paragraph writing. This has helped bring clarity of thought and I have noticed my son Aarav’s writing skills improve considerably through this. His thought process, imagination and creativity all taken together, leads to a very beautiful outcome now. I can see an orderly flow of sequence in his writing. Request you to pass on this feedback to Deepa Maam. Regards Pooja Chadha mother of Aarav Chadha V A
Pooja Chadha | Mother of Aarav Chadha 5-A   Posted on 20-Sep-2021
testiquote My daughter Shreya Dhillon, student of class 11th B has been a part of St. Xavier’s family for the last 5 years. It has been a wonderful journey wherein the school fraternity has helped us in the overall development of our ward. We owe it specially to the wonderful teachers who have played an instrumental role in the grooming and over all development of our child. It is very impressive to see the wonderful infrastructure and latest facilities supported by the school which helps it to achieve the status of one of the best schools in Gurugram. Kudos to Xavierian team for their strong motivation, dedication and continuous hard work.
Yasmeen Dhillon | Mother of Shreya Dhillon 11-B   Posted on 23-Jul-2021
testiquote The school is taking care of the safety of the child. The teachers are sincerely taking the online classes. The school is preparing the children for the future entrance Exams like IIT/JEE, CA and many more. The teachers not only focus on the academics but also want the children to participate in various activities.
Anil Mutreja & Kanchan Mutreja | Guardian of Divyam Mutreja 10 - A   Posted on 22-Jul-2021
testiquote Dear Kajal Ma’am We are quite thankful to the school for the way the online classes are done for IX. We, as parent, were very scared for our children‘s study and syllabus due to the lockdown situation, however, quite relaxed and assured with the great effort of the school and teachers. Keep supporting the children as always.
Vinit Sinha | Father of Akshat Sinha 9   Posted on 22-Jul-2021
testiquote St Xavier's is a great school, management and the staff are very cooperative and I'm thankful to the teachers to help bring out the best in my child.
Mrs. and Mr. Balaji | Guardian of Sana Balaji 12-C   Posted on 22-Jul-2021
testiquote I am parent of Aeshna Bhardwaj. She joined St Xavier in class IX (2018). The school inculcates better teacher student interaction which goes a long way in developing the child. Teachers are friendly and child feels more agile and fun during her studies. Student Teacher ratio is low and one of the key strengths of the school. As far as behavioral changes the child is more open and honest in her communication. She actively participates more in school activities, debates, discussion, projects and much more. These interactions and mentorship have developed her a confident personality. I am satisfied with the holistic development of the child and want to thank teachers, staff and overall administration for the same.
Pankaj Bhardwaj | Father of Aeshna Bhardwaj 12   Posted on 22-Jul-2021
testiquote We as parents are really very happy with the way St. Xavier's High School's teachers have conducted classes against all odds during the pandemic and thankful to the School authorities to make it happen.
Meghna Banerjee | Mother of Payoja Banerjee & Phenil Banerjee 11-C & A   Posted on 22-Jul-2021
testiquote My daughter Sara Sharma joined St. Xavier's High School 3 years back. The curriculum of St. Xavier's not only focusses on studies but also enhances the overall development of its students. The teachers are amazing and each child is treated with affection. I want to appreciate and acknowledge the selfless efforts made by the school staff and teachers in these unpredicted times, to ensure the academic well-being of the students. This institution has evidently proved that this pandemic is no roadblock in the path of learning.
Neha Sharma | Mother of Sara Sharma 10-B   Posted on 22-Jul-2021
testiquote St Xavier's School has been instrumental in shaping up my child's psyche in a holistic way. The teaching methodology, different interactive sessions, projects have made him develop behaviourial competencies which will prepare him to take challenges of life in future.
Dipanwita Sarkar | Mother of Devdeep Sarkar 11-A   Posted on 22-Jul-2021
testiquote Learning is multidimensional and nowhere is it more true than in the kid’s foundational years, when their curiosity and questions are at their peak. At St. Xavier's, we have seen teachers put in extra effort to channelize and develop these attributes through a multitude of engagements that extend beyond the classroom, such as, ‘news anchor covering Covid’, ‘discussion with doctors’, ‘capturing India’s freedom struggle through livestream events”, “Yoga Day,” etc. Through these the students have learnt to work as a team, depend on each other, understand the nuances of sharing their points to a wider audience and prompted them to research on the topic so that they can be more participative. Have seen my son, rehearse on his own, feel some fear and anxiousness and then overcome it for the greater good. The message from the teachers has been, let's give our best and practice hard. Teachers go out of their way to prepare the students - it's a perfect tag team among students, teachers and the parents. Variation of the format and topics keeps the students engaged. Would encourage teachers and the staff of St. Xavier's to continue with these events. We as parents look forward to them as excitedly as the students. In my view, the skills they are picking will help them throughout their endeavors. As I read somewhere, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember, I do and I understand ”, and doing is nowhere more exemplified than in such intra / inter class / school events.
Pooja Chhatwal | Mother of Aarav Chadha 5-A   Posted on 22-Jul-2021
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