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testiquote Hi Jyoti Mam and Aditi Mam, Would like to congratulate you and the Xavierien team for successfully conducting October Fest It has been a super show and your efforts to ensure excited participation from the kids is commendable. Kids feel highly motivated with your appreciation and kind words ?? Thank you for your constant love, guidance and support Cheers!!??
Priyanka Jain | Father of Vaanya shah KG-H   Posted on 17-Oct-2020
testiquote Dear Ma'am The October fest was a great event! Ayansh enjoyed very much by participating in it and learned many new things also along with it. The event was also organized very well and you both (Rashmi ma'am and Rajni ma'am) encouraged and guided the children very well so that they felt very confident and comfortable during the event. Our whole family also enjoyed very much the work done by Ayansh during this event, whether it was the cooking without fire, Home made musical performance, clay molding , singing, dancing, best out of waste items and fancy dress. Thank you so much for Thank such a wonderful event. We all thoroughly enjoyed and Ayansh learned with enjoyment!! Looking forward to see more such events.
Parent | Guardian of Ayansh Gupta Nursery A   Posted on 17-Oct-2020
testiquote Let me convey my heartfelt thanks to both of you, teachers for making the session so wonderful. Our kids had a gala time experiencing new and novel things under your able guidance. It was a great initiative undertaken by the school authorities even in these trying times. We look forward to such programmes in the future as well. Regards. Monali
Monali | Mother of Aarish Banerjee Nursery A   Posted on 17-Oct-2020
testiquote Dear Ma'am, Again we appreciate your efforts and encouragement to the kid's. Very good concept on this time when all are at home, and kids were (we parents too) that to there will be no yearly activities this year. Nice efforts to keep kids energy and enthusiasm high. Again to thanks to you. Take care. Regards
Parent | Guardian of Saanavi Chaudhary Nursery A   Posted on 17-Oct-2020
testiquote October fest was very well organized keeping all the aspects of kids' ability in its purview....It was a very nice platform for the kids as well as parents to explore and exhibit hidden talent of child and also to exchange ideas with each other. A good opportunity to boost confidence in children and appreciate their capabilities. Wish many more of these kind of activities in future??
KG-C Parent | Guardian of KG-C Parent KG-C   Posted on 16-Oct-2020
testiquote Teachers require so many positive qualities like care, compassion, patience and commitment. You have all these qualities in abundance. Thank you for your hard work in supporting my son - kriday, development. Your patience and commitment to support my child has mean a lot to us.Your play-based learning approach in October fest is amazing! Thank you for instilling this love of learning into our child
Parent | Guardian of Kriday Bhardwaj KG-H   Posted on 16-Oct-2020
testiquote Fantastic work !!! Kudos to class teachers of KG H Jyoti mam and Aditi mam for organising october fest bringing so much of talent fiesta on table which foster my daughter overall . Amaira loved participating in all events and we could see confidence and new areas of talent she can explore ...we loved the theme of waste management which Is very critical for us to learn!! Overall , it was a fabulous show n we enjoyed every moment of it with our kids ..proud to be part of xaviers community...thank you !!
Gaurav Mahindru | Guardian of Amaira KG-H   Posted on 16-Oct-2020
testiquote We are really glad for getting the opportunity for our kid to participate in October fest even in these difficult times as it has made the learning more fun and indulging. You have helped us in getting a perspective towards our child’s interests and creativity. It’s true that you guys are making a difference every day. Fantastic job KG-H teachers and all kiddos????
Ajaj Ahamad | Father of Azlan Ahamad Khan KH-H   Posted on 16-Oct-2020
testiquote Thank you to st. Xavier school team for providing the students with such a wonderful platform to show their hidden talent. It was such a great learning experience for both the students and parents. I have never seen or heard from other schools parents about the fest like this during this pandemic times. Hats off to the teachers staff of the school for managing it so well. There should be more such activities in the coming future . Thank you ??
Amit Jain | Father of Adhrit Jain KG A   Posted on 16-Oct-2020
testiquote Thank you to both Teachers & school for organising wonderful activities in these 4 days. As a parent I enjoyed a lot & the way talent in every child has come out is surprisingly amazing, we parents are feeling proud when we see our child participating in every activity .... I wish them to see in many more activities like this in future . Regards mother of Aavyaa Sharma
Beenu Sharma | Mother of Aavyaa Sharma KG-E   Posted on 16-Oct-2020
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