Music, Dance & Theatre

Performing arts (such as traditional/pop music, dance, and theatre)

The performing arts range from vocal and instrumental music, dance, and theatre to street play. They include numerous cultural expressions that reflect human creativity. Music is the most accepted universal form of the performing arts and is found in every society, most often as an integral part of other performing art forms and other domains of intangible cultural heritage including rituals and festivals.

This form could be instrumental or vocal. Dance, slightly complex, may be described simply as structured bodily rhythmic movements, steps, and gestures usually performed to music performed often to express a sentiment or mood or illustrate a specific event or daily act, such as religious dances and those representing hunting, warfare or any other human activity. Theatre performances usually combine acting, singing, dance and music, dialogue, narration, or recitation but may also include puppetry or street play.

These performances are theme-based. Music, dance, and theatre often play as key features of cultural promotion intended during our student exchange programs every year. Our students take great interest in these performing arts to build up their confidence. We have also been associated with the National School of Drama for training/workshops for students.

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