Student Corner

Technology is our future
is what I have come to say

 it can carve a new tomorrow
if you don’t let it stop your way

Use its clicks, mind and memory
to move easily and tow stress at bay

Use its smart machines and AI
To stop working night and day

The farms can be greener
And the greens will be their to stay

The factories will make more
Stuff than noise
Let the tech minds shine more than sun ray

From desk to palm to lap
Is a tech minds smart brain play as we dive into the abyss of dreams don’t let your mind as stray

So my dear friends,
If you pull your strings right, technology is all boon no bain let it be your Shaeffer to tomorrow not a rampet bull !insane.

Lockdown : A horror of children – By Sarthak Arora
My home is now a cage,
Where time seems to wait.
For something unknown,
For an un-told date.

The birds fly outside,
Up in the sky.
I watch them soar,
With a sadness in my eye.

I miss the freedom,
Which used to be mine.
Now I just sit indoors,
Come rain of shine.

I did not appreciate,
Freedom back then.
Now I would do anything,
To have it back again.

I miss my friends,
Their laughs, their smiles.
To see them once more,
I would walk for miles.

Race to Mt. Rushmore

Adit Agarwal

For to the west in the Andies, Mt. Rushmore stands prouldy as a symbol of American people. It is rumoured that Cibola, the ancient city of gold, is still hidden inside Mt. Rushmore. Many people went in search of Cibola, but ended up losing their lives. Except one of them-Ron Gates, who ends up getting the treasures after a great adventure- Ron just moved into his new apartment in Nottingham, UK with his wife Abigail and assistant Jeffrey. They are explorers who travel the world and expose hidden secrets. Once, Jeffrey finds a keyring with an inscription on it. It said, "the treasure lies in Mount Rushmore, to find it give you hand to the nobel bird. "They understand that the path to Cibola will be shown after some handle is pulled. Everyone prepares and rush to Mt. Rushmore.Then they pour some water on the ground to reveal a secret opening. Ron puts his hand inside and opens the doorway. Everyone is mesmerised by the Golden doorway covered in gemstones. But one final challenge awaits them. As they enter into Cibola, water started falling fom the roof which was trapping them. they wound a log of wood which had to be moved to open the door. Ron put all his efforts but couldn't open it. When everyone helped, they moved the log and the door was open. But it was slowly closing and Ron's finger got cut because of the sharp door. Eventually everyone came out safely. "What an adventure it was!", exclaimed
everyone. After few days excavation team came and unearthed Cibola. The next day's newspaper was raging with articles and praises for the proud of them. Eventually they ended up being awarded by the Queen and were made the royal excavators.

A Tribute to Martyrs of Freedom

The Indian Freedom was a long struggle which claimed thousands of lives and countless sacrifices. Many of those sacrifices went unnoticed but some of them found their way into history books and are remembered today with great pride and honor. The date 15 August brings a sense of patriotism to al Indians or abroad and make the people behind our independence even more special. Here a look at some
of these great personalities because of whom we ‘stan’ on the brink of social,political and economical greatness.

Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi ji was known as ‘The Father Of The Nation’. His non-violent measures which seemed ineffective in the tense scenario proved to be a method which not only bought the British Raj under pressure but also gathered worldwide support for India. With the Non-Cooperation Movement, Salt Satyagraha and Quit India Movement, he used peaceful resistance as his ‘weapon’ in the struggle against the British Raj.

Bhagat Singh
Bhagat Singh is considered to be one of the most influential extremist in the freedom struggle of India and an irenic figure amongst the Indian youth even today. Rani Lakshmi Bai Rani Lakshmi Bai is commonly known as ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’. She became a symbol of courage, women empowerment, and patriotism. She died at the hands of the British but her sacrifices did not go waste as it sets the tone for many future leaders.

The Truth Will Set You Free
But first It will Piss You Off…


~Tanika Jaitely VIIIA

The whole educational system around the globe has been affected during the spread of coronavirus disease 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people regardless of their nationality, race, caste, sex or income. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, there has been an increasing move towards teaching online because of shutting down of schools, colleges and universities. Therefore, this is the time to gravely rethink about our educational system. We’re also under a tremendous amount of stress right now from worries about our job security to the health of our loved ones to our children’s education. But, even during these times the children have been supporting us whole heartedly because they understand that it is the time to protect their families and loved ones. So, isn’t it our duty to let our child’s creative side outshine? We need to find a way to stay creative and avoid making their as well as our lives monotonous during these times. Myself being a student and a child, I know how highs and lows this time can give you, but it is you who will try to make this time productive as well as creative. I am so grateful to say that I am studying in a school that offers me new opportunities and ways to make my life creative, and let my inner beauty shine. Like this one. I would just want to conclude this small message to all the parents- While focusing on the academics of your child,never forget to teach him/her the moral values and life skills because it is the best opportunity right now which you can grab to tell your children about how life is. Even simple activities you do with them like painting, baking, cooking, dancing, singing can give children immense happiness and let their creative side shine bright, trust me, I am saying this as a child. For this reason, I would just like to end this by saying that there is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource, without creativity there will be no progress and we shall forever repeat the same pattern, so it our duty to make our children, our future generation creative.

Thank you

Hello, I Shivani Pimpalapure of grade 4 ,I have penned down a poem on the bravery of Galwan Valley hero, Late Colonel Bikumalla Santosh Babu, who was accorded the prestigious Mahavir Chakra posthumously. He was the Commanding Officer of the 16 Bihar Regiment, and was martyred during the clashes with Chinese troops in Galwan last year in 2020.

The Night When the Snow Leopard Roared

“I see Chinese troops entering our territory,
I repeat, I will have to take action!”
There he was with invincible spirit fighting unarmed bravely,
caught unawares that fateful night of August 29, 2020.

The skirmish with Chinese soldiers in Ladakh's Galwan Valley,
Was carried out to provoke the Indian military.
That night saw invincible courage and notable gallantry,
With exemplary leadership, quick wittedness, and intense devotion to duty.

Imagine the plight he went through that cold, dark night that lay,
When he came face to face with the enemy whom he wanted to keep at bay.
The fierce Operation Snow Leopard was underway,
He roared his battle cry and numerous Chinese troops he did slay.

Santosh Babu as he was called lovingly,
Knew he wouldn’t survive the attack surely.
But he had sworn his last breath for his beloved country,
With dry chapped lips whispered his final prayer silently.

Rest! my fallen hero, your valour will forever be imbedded in the hearts of humanity.

I take pride in the magnanimous Indian Army,
For nurturing such brave hearts consistently.
Being in-charge of our country’s safety
Undertaking this perilous, unimaginable journey.

His supreme sacrifice has left me all teary,
Imagining that he took the enemy head-on without artillery.
His martyrdom did not go in vain as he has ignited in me and many
The passion to conquer our fears and defend the nations prosperity until eternity.

How was teaching learning affected during Pandemic and how my school left no stone unturned to be different? These testing times of COVID-19 pandemic, an economic crisis probably more radical and global than ever before; as well as disruption of learning on an unprecedented scale was seen. Creative efforts are often motivated by the perceived need to solve a problem or deal with tension and stress. It is noted that the perceived need for adaptation depends on subjective personal interpretations of experiences, which may motivate a person to adopt new cognitions, emotions, and behaviours. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced teachers and students worldwide to adapt to online teaching. However, whereas one may interpret this new situation as a threatening and stressful challenge and may stick to tried and true teaching methods that are however inappropriate for online teaching, another may perceive this challenge as an exciting opportunity to embrace innovative methods to creatively adapt to the new situation. India has the world’s second-largest school system, after China. Shutting schools to maintain social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis was the most logical solution to avoid community transmission in the initial response to COVID-19, given uncertainty over transmission rates among school-aged children and the potential impact of the virus. All education institutions in India were temporarily closed in March 2020. As India went into lockdown at the end of March 2020, most schools were wrapping up the 2019–20 academic year. By May, amidst the upsurge in COVID-19 cases across the country, it became clear that it would not be possible to resume in school classroom sessions for the new academic year. The closures have affected millions of learners across India from pre-primary through secondary levels of schooling. India’s education sector has witnessed a surge in solutions to support the continued learning of students during the COVID-19 lockdown. This includes core remote learning solutions (traditional tools such as textbooks and home visits, tech-enabled and mass communication solutions such as WhatsApp, YouTube, TV, and radio, and blended solutions that combine face-to-face with e-learning). These difficult times have truly been hard on each and every one of us. Yet, our school faculty never failed in helping us interact with each other via online platforms. Some things that I really appreciate are as follows: • Online Learning was made extremely fascinating through webinars. • To generate curiosity in students, quizzes, webinars and similar activities were held. • St. Xavier’s High School never failed in keeping the traditions alive! Xavenium, Xaffinity, all of the events that seemed impossible or difficult to conduct online, the school somehow managed to always succeed in facilitating invigorating sessions. There is so much more than just this, but this has truly opened my eyes to the fact that anything is possible if you try hard enough and are creative. I would like to thank our school for being original, and making online sessions engaging & effective.

NO TECHNOLOGY!!! - Zahra Shirpurwala The government has brought in a new policy without the people’s notice. All devices and the internet will shut down every year for fifteen days. While the urban kids find this treacherous, it ultimately does not bother the rural livelihood. It is 2023! It has been two years since the government passed the new law of shutting down all devices for fifteen days. So, from the thirteenth to twenty-eighth December, India is a free soul where any technology means our sealed, locked, fastened with no escape! What is wrong with the government? Rajya Sabha recognised this law as the best one for reducing screen time and overcoming technology addiction. For fifteen days, finally, the rural and the urban are connected, and the great barrier of the digital divide breaks. Schools reopened at the beginning of 2022 as all students were vaccinated, so online classes are not an issue. As for the adults, they were back in office during the year 2021 itself. The children are now inculcating habits such as reading, playing sports, spending time with family and more. “No Technology” is not such a big disaster. Yes, the entire nation was chaotic for the first few days, but our democratic government doesn’t bother about it. They say that the citizens will learn and calm themselves down. Did the constitution include such injustice in its pages? Oh, there was never technology in India during 1947. Worst of them all, do you know who thought about this idea? Niti Aayog! The one to come up with brilliant solutions to problems such as hampering our country’s economy is now hampering our lives! No Netflix and chill for fifteen days; what a tragedy! Domestically disadvantaged kids use to face issues during the pandemic, but it is now our turn! This piece is entirely fictional but imagine if such an incident occurred in real life. Can we think of a day in our lives without using technology, especially in this digital era? Are we changing the world with technology, or is technology changing us?


Grateful - By Zahra Shirpurwala I am able to stand on my own every day, feel respectful and grateful for all I have, feel blessed every morning, my world is colourful and never grey! For I thank them all to treat me equal, for I thank them all to judge me from the inside, for I thank them all to never make me feel invisible, for I thank them all to support me while I sail through the tide. I am today Independent! Because of my rights, I am not dependent, For there are rules and laws to help me live a wonderful life! I am inspired from the people who fought to be democratic. I am inspired from the people who broke the rules for justice. I am inspired by how we fight through this pandemic. I am inspired by how we have found a way to adjust with it! Finally, I come to the end of this seemingly never-ending poem! We are obliged! Yes, we the citizens of India are glad! That we never had to face the biggest pandemic of our lives, that we never had to be stung by the contagious disease of inequality.

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