Director - Principal's Foreword

Welcome to the school that has earned remarkable respect and admiration of many! 

We are a school based on Christian values, but secular in our instructions. We, at St. Xavier's High School, start with boys and girls at two and a half years, which really puts them at the center of ‘all that the school is about’, and gradually build their bond with the school in a compassionate and healthy environment. This develops the sense of passion for learning under the close guidance of highly learned and caring staff, who know what it takes to continue to give. Thus, children start to enjoy each day in school. After class 12, their journey in school comes to an end, when they pass out as well-groomed ladies and gentlemen, ready to face the world. 

I am delighted to share about my enriching, purposeful and rewarding experience as the Principal of La Martiniere for Boys, Kolkata during the last six years. It is a school with a rich legacy and a remarkable standing of more than 185 years. I am truly humbled to share that owing to my significant initiatives and additions to the pre-existent rich portfolio of academics, sports, scientific and cultural activities, intended results were achieved to facilitate La Martiniere for Boys to earn and treasure the reputation of being rated as one of the best schools in India. I also served for three years in the same school as the Vice Principal, before being elevated to the post of the Principal. 

You would be pleased to know that as an accomplished and driven educationist with extensive administrative and management experience, I will be able to implement my skills for a productive school environment.

Therefore, as the new Director-Principal of St. Xavier's High School, it will be my earnest endeavour, along with my team, to provide meaningful education, equip the school with top-notch and varied extra and co-curricular activities, and inculcate values, which will be exhibited in the exemplary performance of our pupils, both in and outside school. I will ensure that our way of grooming will empower each student to confidently apply the virtues, skills and knowledge acquired in school, and rely on them to lead happy productive lives, therefore, become contributing members of the global community. 

However, a successful schooling cannot be executed in isolation. It is, therefore, my motive to develop and strengthen a tri-polar bonding - between the school, the students and the parents. The shared collaborative effort between the school and parents will bring forth spiritual nurturing, effective and successful learning. A kind of education that can change our pupils and through them will make the world a better place. It will be a source of satisfaction to see that our children have been prepared not just to earn a living but have learned how to live. 

Let me invite you to take a virtual tour of the school to experience the state-of the-art infrastructure that encompasses a healthy and safe environment. Wishing everyone a remarkable and triumphant journey in school and always!

John Rafi

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