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XAFFINITY’20 Virtuals is here!
Heart touching paintings by our compassionate Xaverians will be at display. We request you to join and participate with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues. Your small contribution in purchasing these paintings will go a big way in helping the needy and bringing a smile on someone's face. After all, there is no bigger contribution than bringing smiles on the faces of the underprivileged.
Kindly take a note of few important points for a smooth sailing in the event:
? The opening ceremony will be LIVE on the School Facebook page at sharp 8.30 am tomorrow i.e. 7th November 2020.
? The exclusive Facebook page of Xaffinity showcasing the paintings for sale will be active at 9 am tomorrow.The link for which will be shared in the opening ceremony along with the Google form link for purchasing the paintings.
? A separate Google form needs to be filled for separate paintings.
? The payment details will be shared on the Xaffinity Facebook page itself.
The process to own your favourite pick is very simple, you just have to:
? Scroll through the exclusive Xaffinity Facebook Page (Not the school Facebook page)
? Choose your painting
? Pen down the code and cost
? Make payment on the shared link
¦ Add Rs 200 to the cost of the painting, if you chose to select home delivery.
? Fill in all the required details in the Google form and submit.
Ta-Da! Your favourite pick is all yours now!
Considering the current COVID situation, your benevolent purchase can be picked up from the school from Tuesday , 10th November 2020 onwards. For your convenience, these paintings can also be home delivered at a nominal cost.  
Just incase you miss visiting the Facebook page at 9 am; Don’t worry! The page will be available for the entire day on 7th and 8th November, 2020.
Spread the Word, Spread Happiness - Come and make these alluring artworks yours, which will truly beautify your house and workplace. So, drop everything and book the best painting before it is gone! After all, the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.
Think no further! See you tomorrow at 8.30 am LIVE on school Facebook page!

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    “Cultural differences do not separate us from each other, but rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all of humanity.”  - Robert Alan
    A foreign exchange program is one of the best ways to experience international education. Through International Exchange programmes, the School encourages students to discover a new curriculum and ways of learning, the ability to adapt and be part of a whole new world and experience.
    Foreign Exchange Programmes are an integral part of Xavier’s philosophy. We at St. Xavier’s High School believe that a child can learn a great deal in a diverse environment. By moving out of their comfort zone, their minds are exposed to all new learning perspectives, giving them a wide idea of what the world holds for them. These programmes provide students with exposure to become aware of multi-faceted approaches to learning and living. It is one of the best ways to challenge students to develop a global perspective. Students also develop adaptability to embrace foreign cultures and promote liberal-mindedness.
    The Xaverians have had the chance of being a part of 5 cultural exchange programmes till now  . After an overwhelming response of the exchange programme last year with South Korea , the school management proposed to organize the Korean Exchange Programme, this year as well. This year the horizon of students will widen with Virtual Exchange Programme with our Korean friends.
    With this belief of imparting world-class education to our Xaverians we hope to see them again with the same zeal towards such foreign exchange programmes.

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