St. Xavier’s offers Business Administration as a Career Programme. WACP offers a combination of two qualifications in Business Administration - International Diploma and International Advanced Diploma of 11 months each. Together, the two courses provide a broad overview of the businessfunctions and a strong foundation in key business functions comprising accounting, marketing,  finance, human resource etc. The courses provide an avenue for students to gain theoretical and practical skills needed to operate within the Industry.  

The International Diploma and International Advanced Diploma in Business Administration are suitable for  students wanting to pursue their Career Studies in Business Administration. The programme aims to  strengthen their understanding of the subject and achieve incremental knowledge and specialisation between  the two qualifications. These programmes provide theories, models and practical case studies, using offline,  online, pre-recorded content, various tools & technologies in order to understand the complex nature of the  different functions of the industry.




Human Resource Management

45 Hours

Principles of Accounting

45 Hours

Principles of Management

60 Hours

Principles of Marketing

60 Hours

Research Methods

45 Hours

Digital Marketing

45 Hours

Strategic Management

45 Hours


45 Hours

Workshops, Projects, Internship & Industry Engagement

A. Projects, Internship and Industry Engagement

B. Case Studies, Workshops &Masterclass

180 Hours

90 Hours

Capstone Project

60 Hours


720 Hours




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