Social Media Policy

St Xavier’s High School recognizes that social media has become an integral part of everyday life. The use of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube and blogs showcases a growing platform of communication between families, educators and community. That said it is an area that can be easily misused and needs close monitoring.
The aim of social media is effective and meaningful communication. St. Xavier’s High School has a Facebook page where photos, videos and news of students are shared. All content is sent to the main office and is posted by our social media coordinator. Comments and content will be monitored to ensure they are relevant, on topic and respectful.

To ensure safety, personal or private information about children will not be included on any social media sites run by St. Xavier’s High School. Parents could give a written agreement to the school to not include their child in any social media posts. However, all care will be taken to ensure that group photographs of relevant activities are posted and any individual student is accompanied by a teacher in the photograph.

Content will be removed that is:

*Negative and has comments for the purpose of complaining or gossiping.
* Offensive in nature and contains personal and/or cultural attacks or insults.

*Aggressive and promotes bullying of any kind.

*Off topic or spam.

*Promotes personal business or commercial content.

*Unauthorised copyright material.

Please Note: Any breach of Social Media Policy by any individual will be strictly actioned against and the course of action is solely at the discretion of the school Management.

Rights and ResponsibilitiesStaff, students and parents are expected to show respect to all members of the school community.Staff will: Plan for the inclusion of cyber safety awareness within the curriculum with guidance from relevant education authorities.Parents will: Be responsible for being aware of and informed about their children’s online activity and be proactive in the supervision and guidance of their children taking into account this policy and in particular the school’s core values.STUDENT GUIDELINESWhen using Social Media, students are expected to ensure that they:

·         Read and agree to the terms and conditions of various Social media sites
·         Are aware of what they are posting online and that Social Media sites

·         Are not permitted to join a staff member’s areas on networking sites

·         Are not permitted to accept friend request from staff or send friend request to staff

·         If students attempt to do this, the member of staff is to refuse the student access and inform the Principal. The student’s parents will be informed if this happens

·         Will not access social networking sites during the school working day.

·         Respect the rights and confidentiality of others.

- impersonate or falsely represent another member of the school community.

- bully, intimidate abuse, harass or threaten other members of the school community.
- make defamatory comments towards other members of the school community.
use offensive or threatening language or resort to personal abuse towards each other or members of the school community.

harm the reputation of St Xavier’s High School or those within its community. 

- upload video, audio or photographs of any member of the St Xavier’s High School community (student, parents or staff).
- upload any video or photographs of any student where they can be identified as a St Xavier’s High School student by their uniform or any other means.
Class groups and other Social Media tools open up communication between students, parents and teachers. This kind of communication and collaboration can have a large impact on learning at St Xavier’s High School. The school encourages parents to participate in such activities when appropriate but requests that parents act responsibly and respectfully at all times, understanding that their conduct not only reflects on the school community, but will be a model for our students as well.Parents should:Be aware that many Social Media sites have age restrictions that DO HAVE implications for their primary aged children. Parents need to monitor their children’s online social media activity, and read the terms and conditions of various Social Media sites and applications their children are interested in using. Parents need to be aware that many of them have age restrictions for their use. Eg. Facebook, Instagram and Gmail are all restricted to those 13 years of age and above. Be aware that they are in breach of terms and conditions if they set up a personal account for their children to use if they knowingly understand that age restrictions apply.Before uploading photos, audio or video, parents need to seek appropriate permission from any individual involved. This most particularly applies in relation to the privacy of the staff of St Xavier’s High School Online postings and conversations are not private. Do not share confidential information, internal school discussions, or specific information about students, staff or other parents. Be conscious of the fact that expert advice given is that all users of Social Media sites should do whatever they can to not identify any child by name or associate them with a particular school.Parents should not participate in spreading false or unsubstantiated rumours or false information in regards to the St. Xavier’s High School community and its members. Parents assisting with classroom activities should not make use of social media sites while involved in such activities.

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