Out Bound Trips

We organize outbound trips, Grade 5 onwards, to provide a rich exposure to our students to experience learning in wider contexts and situations.

It also helps our students to engage with challenges both physically and mentally, so that adaptability and flexibility to survive in different situations become a meaningful and real context of taking part in the educational journey. These programs will help our students to develop their own niche, to enjoy life with the highest sense of living with a purpose.

The program is carefully structured keeping learning needs in focus. For Grades 5 and 6, exciting activities like trekking, hiking, valley crossing, rock climbing and camping are planned which will help in channelizing their energy in positive direction. Such experiences will help in stretching their abilities in every sense, to take risks and to grow by understanding of shared leadership in a survival situation.

For Grades 7 and 8, visit to forests, sanctuaries and national reserved forests are planned. These trips will enable our students to understand the interdependence in nature and the larger network which connects to a micro level existence of life. These trips will also teach them to be sensitive and respectful to environment, nature and gain knowledge about the indigenous people living close to the forest, along with the understanding of the footprints left by history.

For Grades 8-12, Student Exchange programs, and trips in and out of the country will be organized. The objective is to help our students develop awareness about lives of people living in diverse situation and challenges they come across. The holistic understanding of diversity around us will help our students grow into independent thinking individuals, making responsible choices and creating their own niche.

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