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‘The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.’ The middle school curriculum concedes to create an atmosphere of reverence for education. It is a progressive setup which fosters on cognitive development of the child andthe ethical conductthereby committed to providing quality education to all the students. The environment friendly and contemporary architecture with a world class academic and sporting infrastructure is our USP. We aims at preparing sovereign self-sufficient citizens who will thrive and contribute responsibly in a worldwide community. The curriculum integrates teaching-learning methodologies which assist the process and break the tedium of traditional educationoutlines. The school has competent teachers and facilitators who train the students keeping in mind the latest advancements in academics, technology and computing. In sync with the School's Vision and Mission, the parent’spartnership continues to remain as an asset and they work as strong partners moving towards the common goals.Therefore, learning at school is allied through the home and family to life in the real world. The students here are inspired to question and learn by doing and hence our motto explore, engage and excel is well justified. The foundation laid here, moulds the students, and spurs them on to outshine and be the brightest!

  Scholastic Domain 


   Social Science




  Co-scholastic Domain

  Health and Physical Education

  Art Education



The school believes in comprehensive teaching and evaluation. Hence, it not only restricts its teaching methodologies to understanding of facts, principles and concepts rather it also marks its stand in the domains of art, music, dance, theatre and physical education. Through these activities self–confidence, cultural appreciation and skills of team work and leadership qualities are enhanced. Be it swimming, basketball, Rangoli making or Essay writing, plethora of Inter house and Inter School competitions are held on regular basis to provide platform to the students. Friday clubs add the much needed spark wherein students can enhance their skills of poetry, artistry, oratory and even cookery. It is our constant endeavour to create conducive environment that facilitates effective learning in the classrooms thereby providing information on different approaches and practices and their contexts.



Language is a medium which allows communication to happen.Teaching languages- the school has a challenging yet exciting role. It is our endeavour to develop the minds of the children in a manner that not just reading, writing and speaking but they should be able to start thinking in specific language.

Using holistic approach, we teach listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.Innovative methods are further integrated with well-structured lesson plans and patterns. There can be several ways to approach the task of teaching such a subject to the students of present days. We at Xavier’s believe that to be a good facilitator, one needs to be a good learner. We help our learners acquire skills educating ourselves about a variety of content, delivery methodology and class engagement which will work the best with the current generation. English, Hindi, Sanskrit, French and Russian are the languages which are being taught to the students.

Social Science:

Social science is not conjuring up images of social workers rather it is a study of society and the relationship among individuals within the society. It covers a wide gamut of subjects. Each subject contributes uniquely to responsible citizenship and enlightens us with a bewildering range of ethical, legal and social issues. In the classroom, we encourage reading newspaper, discussing current national and international news as well as business news. Survey related activities for Geography and Economics for collecting information are undertaken. Plays on historical events: skits, talk shows etc. are doneto engage students and motivate them to find a love for social studies. Practical projects and experiments are undertaken for making the students understand a topic instead of just reading about it. Detailed conversations on fun and interesting places like planetariums, museums, zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, botanical gardens, etc. is done in order to inculcate critical thinking. Videos and documentaries of the events covered in their syllabus are also shown to the students.


If we will look around we will see that some of civilisation's most prized and proud accomplishments are wholly reliant on Mathematics. Mathematics trains us to think and to think logically and rationally. It is a neutral subject which is well integrated with all the other subjects. Mathematics does not have to be purely numerical, but can involve the arts to offer fictional, mythical, musical or even technical sustenance. One of the most salient features of mathematics is the language in which it is written. Students are explained various concepts while connecting them to day to day life. The learning domain in Mathematics includes analytical thinking, critical thinking, Arithmetic conclusion and logical reasoning. The high level of reasoning taught to comprehend complex mathematical theories and rules is an asset which benefits an individual explicitly. Various creative class activities on geometry, models on trigonometry and lab manual activities are conducted on timely basis to inculcate interest of the students.


Studying science here helps the kids to understand the world beyond the books.  The learning domains include Psychomotor, Cognitive and Sensory. Students are given hands on experience with the help of wide array of activities and experiments held in the classes and the laboratories. Field trips, Educational Excursions, Space Club Exploration camps, hands on activities and experiments are spread throughout the year. The learnersare involved in evolutionary process requiring constant refinement, redefinition and analysis.


Computer Science - not computer literacy - underlies most of the innovations today.Technology is a blessing and Xavier’s has left no stone unturned to provide its students with the best possible technological support. The experience provided to the learners is maximized by the use of Audio-Visual presentations which makes learning a stimulating and fascinatingexperience. The fast broadband e-connectivity with Wi-Fi has facilitated learning in all the areas. The use of virtualencyclopaedias and reference material in the library also contributes highly to the overall development.


Art Education : “Art does not exist only to entertain, but also to challenge one to think, to provoke, even to disturb, in a constant search for the truth,” The Arts Education at St. Xavier’s not only boosts the child’s creative thinking or heightens self-expression but also helps in developing the strength of mind and an ordered intellect. The streams covered by the term ‘Arts Education’ are not only visual arts but performing arts as well such as dance, theatre and choir. 

Health and Physical Education:The school trains the young mass of the nation to be virtuous citizens who will be proficient enough to play their part meritoriously in the social and economic development of the country. For the overall development of the students and for preparing them to enter the “Real World”, health and physical education is highly encouraged at St. Xavier’s. It inspires the students to manage their own well-being. It makes them appreciate the attitudes and values that lay an impact on well-being such as respect, care and concern for others. It also teaches the students to be resilient; learn to identify and minimise risks, develop strategies for coping with adversity and access and use support for themselves and others

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