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On the 31st of July 2018, the students of classes VIII and IX accompanied by twoSocial Science teachers, Ms. Mamta and Ms. Rubina went on an educational visit to –The Parliament House.The studentswere extremely excited and couldn’t wait to catch a glimpse of their famous councils.

It was a great opportunity for the students to take a view of the place where the commoners cannot even get a tour. Seeing the proceedings of the house from the coveted public gallery was indeed an enriching experience for them.They thanked the School for organizing this one of its kind’s trip.

An official visit generally covers seeing both the Sabha’ in action through the gallery. In this informative session the students were explained the detailed workings of the Parliament by an officeholder.The students had read about the two HOUSES of the parliament, hence it was very easy for them to relate to each and every detail. The initiative aimed at deepening the students’ understanding of functioning of assemblies and widen their horizons by making them experience the distinctiveness.

The event was a resounding success and an experience of a lifetime!  

    “Competitive toughness is an acquired skill and not an inherited gift.” Chris Evert

    25th of July 2018 was the day of the beginning!

    Stepping ahead towards the vision, St. Xavier’s High School, Gurugram, hosted a large-scale interactive project BRICSMATH.COM - the second online Mathematics competition for primary school students. As we all know that no inauguration can ever suffice without a distinctively opulent opening ceremony, St. Xavier’s left no stone unturned for an extended hospitality and alacrity.

    The function was presided over by the benign presence of Mr. Thembela Ngculu, Counsellor Political, High Commission of South Africa, Mr. Aleksei, the Second Secretary, Embassy of the Russian Federation, Mr. Yang Jun, the Second Secretary, The Embassy of People’s Republic of China, Yaroslav Baranov, Press attaché, Embassy of the Russian Federation, Mr. Zhang Liang, Attache, The Embassy of People’s Republic of China, Ms. Tatiana Perova, Acting Director for Russian Centre of Science and Culture and the distinguished members of BRICSMATH.COM. The ceremony was also graced by members of the school management, honourable school principal, headmistresses, staff and students.

    The BRICSMath is an extensive competition reaching across borders to strive locally and globally. Its aim is to explore Mathematics as a school subject, increase interest in the study of exact sciences, and unite children from BRICS countries.

    On the auspicious morning of the ceremony, the talented Xavierians were all ready to stage the greatest inaugural of its kinds. The excellencies was given a rousing welcome with the scintillating cultural performances.The children battling out in this competition were from the Primary School.The ceremonial launch of the online Competition was a festive occasion for children and the inauguration of the intellectual Olympiad.The guests of all countriespressed an interactive "Start" button on an interactive whiteboard in the school’s IT lab and the competition automatically commenced for all schoolchildren across the country. The honourable principal of the school wished good luck to the young participants and boosted their competitive spirit.

      On July 16, Fortis Hospital organised a workshop on the topic ‘Gender Sensitization’. Our school had participated in this peer review programme. It was a wonderful opportunity to be a part of this workshop.

      Boys and girls were made to sit separately so that our different views can be viewed separately inorder to avoid any clash. Activities including skits were organized in which we had to potray stereotypes we withness in our daily life, be in school or with our peers. Then we were shown how we sub consciously watch our parents and learn through their behaviour.

      It was a highly informative and interactive session where, we, the students got to express our views openly and also participate in the discussions held. We got to learn about different topics which when carried forward to other people can bring about a change and ban any kind of stereotypes in our country. With this, we have indeed got the much needed motivation and we will surely share our learnings with our peers and friends. 

        What is really needed to make democracy function is not knowledge of facts, but right education.                                                                                   -M.K.Gandhi

        Mock Parliament (also referred to as a Model Parliament) is a replica of the parliamentary proceedings of a legislatureor other assembly. Participants of Mock Parliament play the role of prominent members of parliament, ministers and speaker and then they discuss the country's issues in scheduled sessions. Mock Parliaments are usually held as an educational tool to promote understanding of the working of government.

        Students of Grade VIII and IXth of St Xavier’s School participated in a mock parliament session organized in the school. The session opened on the following topic,’ Whether or not there should be a 50% cut in the syllabus of the students appearing for the board examination and should sports be supported as a part of the curriculum’.

        As Gandhi Ji said ‘The future depends on what we do in the present.” This session gave the children a platform to showcase their oratory skills and also to put forward their views and ideas related to the topic.

        The key to success for a democracy is never to follow others. Hence the students enthusiastically participated in the activity with vigour and zeal. As Winston Churchill said…. ‘Democracy is not the best system but I do not know a better one’. Each speaker was given an opportunity to present his/her views.  The activity was concluded with mutual agreement of both the parties who spoke against and for the motion. 

        This was indeed a great way of preparing the children to understand the functioning of the government the role each member of the party or minister of a division plays in making the change in the system, be it trade or education. True education is awakening a love for truth, opening the eyes of the soul to the great purpose till the end of life.


          Yellow colour is about fun, joy, happiness and sunshine. Today we introduced this happy colour in Pre Nursery classes with lot fun- filled activities. From sorting colours to painting and pasting pictures, the children participated in all the activities with lot of enthusiasm. They came dressed in bright yellow dresses and brought ‘Mangoes’, to eat and share with one another

            St. Xavier’s High School, Gurgaon believes that Workshop and Interactive sessions form a staple element in the professional development of teachers. In continuation to empower and equip our teachers with latest teaching styles as well as to motivate them to build a happy and well oriented classroom, a wonderful workshop - ‘GURU-COOL’ was organized for the teachers of Grade PN to IV on 27th June, 2018. The workshop was conducted by the School Counsellor Ms. Manpreet Sandhu.

            The aim of the workshop was to empower the teachers to maximize effective teaching, know their true potentials, establish a warm relationship with students with predefined goals and stay motivated irrespective of internal and external pressure of life. She emphasized on the power of happiness which channelizes energy, develops curiosity and helps to concentrate well. Through sharing and group activities like ‘Positive Snowballs’ and ‘The Art of Storytelling’, teachers were able to identify areas which generate stress and in the process, learnt how to deal with it. Activities helped them to find expression to old piled up pressure and breathing more freely and calmly during the session. All these activities were supported by physical and mental actions to increase the level of engagement.    

            Treasure the teachable moments’ was another learning mantra absorbed by them. They learnt the skill to become ‘COOL-GURU’ by acquiring positive approach and good interpersonal skills. They also learnt the skill to handle negative behaviour of children and diverting their energies towards positive channels. At the end, teachers felt more relaxed and incorporated the guru-mantra C3 which signifies ‘Calm, Composed and Cool Guru’. 

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