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St. Xavier’s High School Gurgaon celebrated ‘Halloween’s Day’ on the 31st October. Since Gurgaon has a large cultural mix of people from across the country as well as expatriates, celebrating all the international festivals with as much fervour as the Indian festivals is a thing for most schools. The kids weredressed with Dracula fangs, skeleton costumes and feather wigs, the most popular costumes were vampires and witches, kids were  also dressed up as scarecrows with black costumes and pointed hats with lots of shimmer.”Xavierians thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Halloween Parade’ studentswere allowed to dress up according to the Halloween theme. The Middle Schoolers from Class V –VIII participated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. The idea behind celebrating Halloween in our school was to create awareness of the festivals celebrated across the world. Instead of explaining about this culture we wanted the students to experience it hence the school had arranged for a special ‘spooky horror Hall where the students went in class wise and enjoyed being scared they thoroughly enjoyed the eerie ghoulish make up and screamed with joy and fear combined. We let them learn about it by giving them a practical experience,” The kids mostly were dressed as skeletons with colourful wigsthe most popular costumes are Dracula teeth and masks,” she adds. They enjoyed getting spooky face painting done by their classmates under the guidance of their art teachers.
“This was one of the most popular events that the middle schoolers celebrated this year, and hence the celebration of Halloween in the school was a successful event this session.Celebrating all kinds of festivals in school improves the overall image of the country and shows the acceptance of cultural diversity in schools. Such festivals help keeping older traditions alive.

    Spooktacular Halloween was a scary but a happy day at St. Xavier’s High School. Children of classes Nursery and KG dressed up as witches, pirates, ghosts and everything that looks spooky walked up to the stage confidently to put a Spooktacular Fancy Dress Show.

    Not leaving the children behind, the teachers turned up in all black added to the bone chilling show.

    The Pre – Primary Head Mistress Ms. Sheba Thapar appreciated the children and the parents for displaying their creativity and hard work. 

       To celebrate and add spark to the festival of lights, Deepawali, St. Xavier’s High School, Gurgaon, an Inter House Rangoli Making Competition was organized for the students of Grades V – VIII. The theme of the competition was ‘Celebrating the Festival of Lights’. The term Rangoli is an ancient art that refers to a row of colours. The competition aimed at developing skills of aesthetics, originality and novelty and familiarizing the students to the Indian culture.

      The competition was divided into two categories. In the first category, participants were from Grades V and VI. However, the second category was for the students of Grades VII and VIII. In this one hour long competition, the students participated earnestly and did complete justice to this timeless tradition that is followed all over India. The students tried to prove their talent in the best possible way. They made different Rangoli’s depicting beautiful pictures of Goddess Laxmiji, Swastick and Peacock etc.The students exhibited their flair of creativity by using bright Rangoli Colours, sparkles, flower petals, diyas, floral motifs etc.

      The adjudicators had to face tough time to judge the competitors. In category I, the first position is bagged by St. Michael House and St. Raphael House and second position is bagged by St. Patrick House and St. Nicholas House. However, in category II, St. MichaelHouse and St. Patrick House bagged the first position and St. Nicholas House and St. Raphael House bagged the second position.All the students were congratulated for their amazing work.


        With the festive season bringing lots of cheer and enthusiasm in everyone ,the final round of inter house Dance  competition in the Nursery classes was conducted on 24th October, Thursday.

        This vibrant and energising event had kids turning out in colourful costumes.They twirled around to the tunes of the folk songs being played and were all geared  up to  set the stage on fire with their moves and shakes.

        The programme was a perfect blend of different folk dance forms like Punjabi,garba,western and each student showcased their best dancing capabilities and expressions.They were cheered and applauded by a wonderful audience consisting of children and teachers.The esteemed judges,Ms.RichaGoswami, a trained classical dancer and Mr Manish Yadav, founder and artistic Director of the Dance Yard India  had a tough time in  judging  the winners.

        The event concluded with a few words by the judges followed by prize distribution and a vote of thanks.


          Xaverians Rallied to Create Awareness on Clean Air
          “Clear Skies, Clear Minds, Clear Skies, Clear Conscience!”   

          The students of St. Xavier’s High School, Sector-49, Gurugram showcased a rally on ‘Clean Air’ on October 24, 2019. Their concerted efforts echoed down at the Good Earth City Centre spreading the message to have clean air this Diwali and not polluting the environment by bursting crackers. The placards which were being held aloft by the young Xaverians, focused on the slogans “Heal the Earth, heal the future”, “Safer the environment, healthier the life”, “Change yourself, not the Nature”, “The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth”. This experience was meant to awaken students and the society at large for paying their due concerns for the Mother Earth from air pollution which is damaging not only to human health, but to other species and ecosystems as well.

           Seventy- two students participated in the rally with full enthusiasm and fervour, captivating and spell binding the localites through their vivid enactments, slogan shouting and with huge banners on display. Students also displayed beautiful posters spreading awareness regarding the importance of clean air which is vital for our survival. Several shopkeepers and visitors joined in their hands to promote and encourage the students to continue their spirit of enlightening the masses at large. Even the passers-by stopped to gaze at this wonderful event and felt connected to this great social cause. They also requested the pupils to continue holding such rallies in future.

          Let us all take a pledge to celebrate a Greener Diwali this year.

          “Air should be treated well, or the Earth will become hell.”

            Tuesday, 22ndOctober 2019 saw Master Chef Junior, Season 1-Battle of Desserts,an  Interhouse Dessert Making Competition on the occasion of Diwali.The  Senior wing students  of St. Xavier’s High School, Gurgaon were seen putting  their best culinary skills to compete in the ‘Cooking without Fire’ competition. The students represented  in two  groups, each group of five per house.The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation. Attired in chef caps and aprons, the students displayed their skills, knowledge and creativity by making delicious dishes. Their team work was commendable as they successfully presented their dishes in an innovative manner. The dishes had been given creative names and list of ingredients, recipes and Nutrition Chart was displayed for the judges. The judges, Ms.Rameet Dang, winner of ITC Moms’ Master Chef, Season –II who is also top -5 home - baker accredited by Gurgaon Food Freak and Ms.AnamikaSuri,a parent representative for whom cooking and baking is a hobby  faced the biggest challenge of selecting the best ones from the multitude of delicious and nutritious preparations. The judges evaluated the dishes based on parameters like taste, presentation, nutritional value, hygiene, preparation time, viva etc. In Group A( Grade 9), St. Michael House bagged the first position followed with a tie between second position which was shared by St. Nicholas and St. Patrick  House. St. Raphael   house was declared winner of the third position. In Group B ( Grade 10,11)  St. Raphael House bagged the First position followed by St. Michael who stood second in the group. The third position was bagged by St. Patrick House . The event generated lot of positive interest in the children as they participated eagerly and it was a great success.

              nter school competition helps children to get an opportunity to  learn  and gain an experience that helps in overall development of the child.
              We feel proud to inform that our student of Kindergarten Tanmay Maheshwari participated in the interschool skating competition held at 
              Vivekananda Global  School .He won the second position and brought laurels for the school.
                Inter school competition always provide children with experiential learning and exposure to the new environment which helps children to strengthen their social, emotional and inter personal skills.
                We feel proud to inform that our students of Kindergarten Aarvi Gupta, Pihu Agarwal, Khanak Gupta participated in the interschool colouring competition and Devansh Gupta, Archishka Khare , Aradhya Mathur participated in Regional  Costume Parade held at Lancers International school and brought laurels for their school.
                Aarvi Gupta of Kg C won the second position in the colouring competition.

                  Learning is the endless quest of life. This learning becomes fruitful when it is built on the premises of positive attitude. A Workshop for Grade 11 was conducted on 11thOctober , Friday  in the school premises by the school Headmistress- Pre Primary School, Ms Sheba Thapar.The workshop started with an ice breaking activity where all the students were made to stand in a circle followed By their introductions. It was an interactive workshop  based on  group activities, presentations by students and a short movie .The focus of the workshop was to create the attitude of not running away from any kind of challenge and how to maintain a positive attitude .Students learnt that their mental framework towards life has to be built on grounds of affirmative spirit where there is only hope for the best and no despair for the worst!

                    On this special day to celebrate valor, and the ultimate triumph of good over evil, we wish everyone the bliss and beauty of the festival on Dussehra.

                    The little Xaverians of Grade 1 celebrated the special assembly on 4th Oct, where they spoke on the significance of this festival. The ceremony began with lighting the lamp, followed by prayers. Children were dressed as Lord Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, Hanuman along with his Vanar Sena, Ravana etc. They depicted the story behind the celebration of this festival, through a musical dance. They enacted scenes starting from the banishment of Rama, to him being welcomed back in Ayodhya, post his victory over Ravana. The teachers dramatized the Ram-Lila, to acquaint the tiny tots with concept of Dussehra, so that we understand its importance easily. Everyone including the staff, and other students enjoyed all the scenes, especially the war scene between Vanar Sena, and Meghnada Sena. A rich variety of plays, Songs and dance sequences were presented by the tiny tots. The presentation and skillful execution was spellbinding, leaving the audience asking for more.

                    Principal of the school, Mr. Stanley Anthony apprised the students of the history and message behind this festival and applauded the students for their enchanting performance. A huge effigy of Ravana was burnt after the Ram Lila.

                      “If you want to reach real peace in this world, we should start educating children”, Mahatma Gandhi.

                      The little Xaverians of Pre Primary celebrated the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi today.

                      Fondly remembered as Bapu, the children were shown pictures and videos about the ‘father of the nation’s life and his important role in India’s struggle for freedom. 

                      The children were spellbound when they saw a teacher dressed as Mahatma walking in their classes teaching Bapu’s lessons.

                      From being positive to learning to forgive, from always speaking the truth to believing in love, the children promised to follow his lessons.

                      “RaghupatiRaghav Raja Ram….’,echoed in the school as students also promised to abide by the campaign- ‘Swachhta Hi SewaAbhiyan’. 

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