“Respect for Food is Respect for Life”

    The students of Grade V-D conducted the morning assembly on 10th October on the topic ‘Save Food Save Life’ on the occasion of World Food Day. The assembly commencedwith Lord’s Prayer followed by thought of the day in English as well as in Hindi.

    The grim situation of food wastage was presented in the form of a mimewhich left the audience awestruck. The students presented a family which was starving for food, mother searching for food for her kids in the garbage bags. The youngsters tried to give the message of saving food and giving it away instead of throwing in the garbage bins. The poems presented by the students emphasised on the fact that one should not waste food which is the precious gift of God.

    The informative speeches by the young orators aimed at sharing food with less fortunate people, instead of wasting it. They urged everyone to value food as wasted food means wasted money, effort and planetary resources. This also is a huge contributor to environmental pollution.

    The choir showcased a splendid performance singing the glory of the food. Food: Waste Not, Want Not, is the demand of the day and it is a social and national responsibility of every individual, because the world’s population is expected to double by the year 2050, making food security a major challenge. Food production will have to be doubled or preferably tripled by the year 2050 to meet the needs. The enormity of the challenge is significantly increased by the fact that the additional food will have to be produced on existing or even shrinking agricultural land due to socio economic pressure. Hence it is the high time to start practicing not to waste food.


    The wonderful assembly which was appreciated by all concluded with the message

    “Whenever you leave some food in your plate

    Remember who stands starved at your gate.”


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