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.It is not how you started the race, but how you finished that matters

The school had the most prestigious moment in flashing its first result for the Grade X board exams. The school made a mark within its first batch attempting the board exams. With competitive and renowned schools around the nook and corner, the vigilant eyes were expecting some bright sparking stars of school making a glorious history. The school proudly claims a 100 percent result with 14 students scoring more than 90 percent marks.

Hittesh Kumar bagged the title of school topper by scoring a whopping97.2%, followed by Kartik Saxena getting a 96.8 % and Arushi Srivastava at third position with 95.2 %. Not only this, Hittesh Kumar made the school proud by scoring a perfect 100 in Mathematics.

Winners are not the people who never fail but people who never quit. With ambition in mind and determination in heart, 45 students appeared for the exam in the academic session 2018-19. The zealous and untiring efforts of our students bore the sweet result with 41 distinctions in English, 30 distinctions in Hindi, 31 in Math, 29 in Science and 43 distinctions in Computers.

The school also proudly claims the number of students with the highest score in subjects:

English -98 (scored by 4 students), Hindi- 98, Mathematics-100, Science- 95 (scored by 7 students), Computers- 99.

The school management congratulated the students and staff on this elated moment. The joyous moment was evident by the sparkling smiles of young Xaverians, as it is a well known fact that you can win, if you think you can win. Faith is necessary to victory.

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step

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